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Tree Trimming in Millersport and Surrounding Areas

While tree trimming is important, our tree care services aren't limited to only that. We also have expertise in stump grinding, land and lot clearing and different pestilences that can threaten the well-being of trees. 
Removing a tree from the garden

Disaster Recovery

After a hurricane, tornado or major storm, it is important to remove any damaged or fallen trees, as well as trees or branches that are leaning or hanging in a way that makes them dangerous. Our services include locating, removing and disposing of any debris left behind after a hurricane, tornado or major storm. 

We have the capacity to take on very large projects, such as clearing of utility right of ways and roadsides. 
Stump grinding

Stump Grinding

Leaving stumps in place might be tempting because they can be difficult to remove. However, it could result in problems down the road. Sinking of footings and foundations are common problems when stumps rot, and installing water or sewer lines might run into unexpected glitches if stumps are not removed. We have the right equipment for removing the stumps without a hassle. In addition, we can grind them into ecologically sustainable material like mulch or wood chips.

Debris Removal

A storm or other natural disaster can leave your surroundings looking messy and unkempt. It can also be a safety hazard to have branches and other debris lying around your premises. 

We have the equipment for taking care of debris quickly and efficiently, grind it into ecologically sustainable mulch or wood chips, or haul it away so that you don’t have to worry about it. 


Wildfires can have a severe impact on your surroundings, including trees that survived the fire. We can help you assess tree damage and make a plan for recovering from wildfire damage to your property. 

Some trees may need to be removed, some may be able to recover and for some areas, the best solution is salvage harvesting. We can help you consider all these options and more, so call today to get started!

Land and Lot Clearing

We offer high quality land and lot clearing services and a full range of equipment to meet all your land clearing needs. You will be ready to continue your building or landscaping project in a clear and neat area. 

Naturally we will also haul away all the debris when we're done, so you don't have to worry about it. 


Trees can suffer from a variety of diseases and other problems like harmful insects, that can sometimes destroy a tree within months if left unattended. Therefore, it is a good idea to inspect your trees periodically for signs of pests or diseases and take care of any issues immediately.  

Don’t know what you should be looking out for? Call us to have one of our trained experts inspect your trees. Or perhaps you already found some worrying signs? Don’t worry - our experienced crew has the expertise to identify the problem and recommend appropriate remedies, so call us today! 
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